Innovation system


  • Top technicians in China
  • The first EPP production line in China totally designed by ourselves


  • The world's advanced foaming equipments
  • Key equipments are patented


  • Drafter of China's EPP National Standard

  • HTEC encourages innovative management measures
  • HTEC Micro Innovation Management Implementation Rules
  • HTEC Staff Internal Entrepreneurship Management Measures
  • HTEC Entrepreneurship Guidance Fund Management Measures
  • HTEC Internal Expert Database Management Measures
  • HTEC External Expert Database Management Measures
  • HTEC innovative cost assessment method is halved and listed in the accounting method

Scientific research strength


  • 2 provincial technology centers
  • 1 municipal technology center


  • Provincial-level specialization and special new products
  • 2 provincial science and technology progress awards
  • 2 national key R&D plans during the 12th Five-Year Plan

Research Centers

  • Singapore Technology Center
  • Hangzhou Technology Center
  • Wuxi Technology Center
We focuses on technological innovation in the field of materials, in-depth exploration of customer needs, and innovation to drive enterprise development.
Through continuous technological innovation, we develop a number of functional EPP (high flame retardant, high conductivity, hollow sound absorption, etc.) and EPE EPO ,breaking the foreign technology Block.