• National Intellectual Property Management System Certification
  • National Informatization Integration Management System Certification
  • IATF16949
  • ISO9001
  • ISO14001


  • China EPP Standard Draft Drawer
  • Second Prize of Science and Technology Award of China National Light Industry Council
  • National key R&D plans during the 12th Five-Year Plan
  • Shanghai Science and Technology First Prize
  • Third Prize of Jiangsu Science and Technology Award
  • Jiangsu Supercritical Gas Foaming Material Engineering Technology Research Center
  • Jiangsu Enterprise Technology Center
  • Second Prize of Wuxi Science and Technology Award
  • Wuxi Patent Gold Award


  • National high-tech enterprise
  • China Petrochemical Innovation Demonstration Enterprise
  • Specialized and New Products in Jiangsu Province
  • AA enterprise of Jiangsu Province's integrated management system of industrialization and industrialization (upgraded version)
  • Excellent Enterprise in Jiangsu Province
  • Smart Workshop in Wuxi City
  • Small Technology Giant Enterprise in Wuxi High-tech Zone
  • Wuxi Engineering Research Center
  • Specialized and New Products in Wuxi City